Are you ready to Change Your Testimony?
My desire is to serve women who are seeking to reclaim their destiny and live up to their fullest potential. Despite various life events that may have prevented you from pursuing your passion and dreams, we can work together to restore self-confidence, renew your self-esteem, and boldly pursue what previously seemed unachievable. You have the ability to walk on water. Let’s do this journey together!

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     Christian & Faith-Based:

  • Overcoming P.O.S.D.:  Pillar of Salt Disorder
  • Voices in Your Head:  Answering the Right Call
  • My Personal Journey & Discovery of My God-Given Destiny



  • Pursuing Your Passion in the Midst of Adversity
  • Stuck in a Rut: How to Break Free
  • Improving Mindset and Cultivating Purpose
  • My Personal Journey: From Quicksand to Walking on Water


     Literary Events:

  • Writers Workshop for New and Emerging Authors
  • The Writing Process & the Business of Publishing


High School:

  • Holding On to Your Dreams
  • How I Overcame a Teacher’s Destructive Comments to Emerge Victorious

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