About JC Gardner (Jackie Gardner)

JC Gardner is an award-winning, best-selling author, an international speaker, writing coach and ghost writer. She has written five books, along with contributing to numerous publications. Her latest novel, “Heated,” is an urban dramedy about a single mother’s plight to do better despite her negative circumstances. It is the recipient of a 2018 Independent Publishers Book Award and an Amazon best-seller.

JC is also a mentor and writing coach as an instructor with the nonprofit organization Youth Writer’s Rock, coaching and guiding youth as they become published authors. The first product went on to also become an Amazon best-seller and an award-winning short film.

JC was a closet writer for many years due to a devastating blow in her past that silenced her creativity and almost derailed her God-given gift of being an entertainer and storyteller through the written word. After a phenomenal, spiritual breakthrough, it was clear that what God has placed in your heart, no one can take away. She is a natural born writer; it is infused in her D.N.A. and believes everyone’s D.N.A. makes them Deliberately Not Average! After years of living in a cloud of self-doubt and fear of rejection, she uses her platform as a Transformational Speaker to serve women who are ready to reclaim their destiny and live up to their fullest potential. Using real life examples, faith and humor, she provides them with guidance, strategies, inspiration, and accountability to win big!

For those who have a burning desire to tell their story but need accompaniment and accountability, JC passionately helps aspiring authors bring their projects to life through her writing coaching business. Even for those who find writing to be a chore, with JC as your ghost writer, your project can still be born!

JC is a manager at an international nonprofit. She has been married for over 33 years, with two successful grown children.

“Stop listening to the wrong voices inside your head. Don’t be defeated before you even begin. What God has for you is for you. Go get yours!”

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